Why partner with

Transom Education Solutions?

  • Time back in your day.  By partnering with us, you free up valuable time which can be better spent on your core mission – serving students.
  • Reducing operational costs – sizably.  We help you make room in your budget by reducing or eliminating overhead. With us, you only pay for the actual managed services work, nothing else – saving you operating costs. 
  • Elimination of multiple service providers. Our integrated approach is full-service, so you will no longer need to manage separate service providers – we do it all!
  • Collaboration.  Our team approach eliminates single points of failure. We continuously work together, double-checking each other to ensure we don’t miss even the smallest detail. Oh, and we’re never off, giving you full insulation from sick time, unplanned time and PTO.
  • Expert knowledge, personal service.  By partnering with us, you are welcoming a team of experts who understand the nuances of charter schools.  We know education tax codes and laws backwards and forwards. We understand the detailed requirements of grant funds and title reporting. We are experienced in managing the operational complexities of a school setting — from busses, to boxed lunches and everything in-between. We understand how to maximize in-house resources with a strategic eye toward partnered help, and get the absolute most out of each service agreement you have. We keep up with the latest technology and use best-in-class monitoring tools getting you ahead of tech issues before they happen. All of this with our personalized approach and professional investment in your sustained success.
  • Scalability.  We are flexible, scaling with you for effortless expansion as you grow your organization or to find places to cut down on spending. 

Managed Accounting & compliance

Our comprehensive solutions are meticulously designed to solve for complex accounting and compliance challenges. What’s more? By offering an integrated approach, our services eliminate the need to manage numerous service providers. Our partnership frees up your time and budget to focus on other aspects of daily operations.

Managed IT & Security

As we become more dependent on technology, ensuring your network is operating at peak capacity can be a full-time endeavor. Partnering with us for Managed IT Services ensures you receive around the clock IT support and service for all of your technology needs.

For a fraction of the cost of an internal IT team, you will have access to our experienced team of engineers and technicians.

Custom Development

Looking for a tool to increase efficiency but can’t find something that is a perfect fit? Have a solution that you don’t love and are paying too much in subscription fees? Sinking too much time into daily tasks that can be automated? Hoping to improve your web footprint?

Whether you are looking to modernize, grow or optimize – The Transom Group can deliver a comprehensive solution that is tailored to fit your needs.